Trade Show Magician
Harrison Carroll

For over thirty years ,Harrison Carroll provided the exhibitor with a proven solution for  maximizing their tradeshow goals. He was a solid professional who turned aisle-walkers into potential customers. Considered one of the premier talents in the industry, he'd get you noticed on the hectic tradeshow floor.


Harrison...There's No Comparison!


The Right Option

Tradeshow 202

Is it possible to own the tradeshow show floor?

In some instances the answer is an unequivocal, "Yes."

In most cases, you simply want your share of the pie.

With Harrison, you get a big piece of that pie - with ice cream to boot!

Harrison Carroll 6

Harrison offers a variety of trade show programs, each designed to meet your budget, and your tradeshow objectives. Each presentation is customized to overcome the various constraints and circumstances an exhibitor may confront. And, each show delivers your sales message in a big way.


Aisle View: For an overview of aisle view magic, click here.

Theater Style: For an overview of theater style, click here.

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Cash Machine

Also called The Money Machine or the Blizzard Of Bucks.  For a video highlight click here and scroll down to the Money Machine Video or click here for a detailed description.

Game Show

Quiz games that feature the company's sales information as part of the game. For more information, click here.

For a video highlight, click here and scroll down to  ICI Autocolor.


In lieu of an entertainment program, exhibitors may require desire a 'straight presentation.' For more information, click here.

For a video highlight, click here and scroll to the Agfa video.


Harrison is officially Retired
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