Trade Show Magician
Harrison Carroll

For over thirty years ,Harrison Carroll provided the exhibitor with a proven solution for  maximizing their tradeshow goals. He was a solid professional who turned aisle-walkers into potential customers. Considered one of the premier talents in the industry, he'd get you noticed on the hectic tradeshow floor.


Harrison...There's No Comparison!


Manage your message!

Harrison is NOT in the premium business. But, for the tradeshow exhibitor looking for a magical giveaway that won't break the bank, the items here may prove of value.

  • Three Card Monte: Gets your message to tradeshow visitors and keeps it there long after the show.
  • The Coil and Spring: A neat little brain-bender that trade show visitors will definitely take home.
  • The Magic Block: Ever see a penny change into a dim right before you eyes?
  • Twisted Nails: Nobody can unlock the twisted nails, nor can they assemble them. But - you're tradeshow team can.

All items come with your advertising and instructions that enable the recipient  to be doing the trick almost immediately.

Trade Show Crowd03

Imagine, all your customers taking your advertisement home, and NOT throwing it away. Rather, they become your advertising agent.

Harrison is officially Retired
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