Trade Show Magician
Harrison Carroll

For over thirty years ,Harrison Carroll provided the exhibitor with a proven solution for  maximizing their tradeshow goals. He was a solid professional who turned aisle-walkers into potential customers. Considered one of the premier talents in the industry, he'd get you noticed on the hectic tradeshow floor.


Harrison...There's No Comparison!



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Deliver your trade show script with a sense of authority that is genuine.

Educate tradeshow visitors and generate serious prospects.

Build your Brand.

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For situations require a highly technical trade show presentation that simply cannot be properly communicated through an entertainment forum, Harrison can narrate your scripted message in an articulate and professional manner.

Whether it involves Powerpoint, Interactive Video, or simply a Spoken Monologue, Harrison can deliver your message with a sense of importance, while maintaining the look and manner of a corporate executive.

For your narration to be effective you need:

    To allocate sufficient space to house the presentation, including chairs for the potential audience.

    Provide Harrison with sufficient lead time to, not only learn the script, but acquire a solid understanding of its contents.

    A minimum of one greeter, or hostess, to fill the chairs, hand out lead cards, housekeep, etc.

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Harrison is officially Retired
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