Trade Show Magician
Harrison Carroll

For over thirty years ,Harrison Carroll provided the exhibitor with a proven solution for  maximizing their tradeshow goals. He was a solid professional who turned aisle-walkers into potential customers. Considered one of the premier talents in the industry, he'd get you noticed on the hectic tradeshow floor.


Harrison...There's No Comparison!


The Dancer

One the right you see the figure of a spinning dancer.  Does she spin clockwise or opposite?

What to do

  • If you see the lady spinning clockwise, you are predominantly right-brain dominant. If she is spinning counterclockwise you are left-brain dominant. 
  • None of us are totally left-brain or right-brain oriented. This test merely measure your dominate side. Try this - If you mentally add "eyes" to the figure. The rotation direction will be "disambiguated", and it is likely that you will see her turn the other way.

Harrison is officially Retired
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