Trade Show Magician
Harrison Carroll

For over thirty years ,Harrison Carroll provided the exhibitor with a proven solution for  maximizing their tradeshow goals. He was a solid professional who turned aisle-walkers into potential customers. Considered one of the premier talents in the industry, he'd get you noticed on the hectic tradeshow floor.


Harrison...There's No Comparison!



Booth Savvy

Harrison Carroll- Trade Show Magician

There is a skill-set needed to effectively work a trade show booth.

The trade show staff is the most important part of the trade show exhibit.

Acquire and develop the tools to make sure your staff can make your trade show a winner.

Trade Show Magic



Don't Eat!
Don't Chew Gum!
Don't Sit!
Don't Slouch!


...Blah, Blah, Blah. It takes more than the simple "Don't Do" rules to make your trade show a success. Harrison has the solution. The "To Do" rules.

Harrison can teach your trade show team how to work the booth. His key principals, when implemented, will dramatically improve your company's trade show performance. It's an interactive session geared to make seasoned trade show workers out of your entire show staff.


Selling at a trade show is totally unlike a traditional sales environment. Here, your potential customers come to you. It's imperative to make the most of it. Asking a tradeshow visitor, "Are you interested in widgets?" just won't cut it on today's hectic trade show floor. Harrison will teach your staff: dazzling Icebreaking methods, backdoor qualifying, and a host of other techniques and principals that maximize your trade show investment.


The expenditures for your trade show exhibit are extensive. With the cost of: hotel rooms, meals, registrations, floor space, exhibit building and logistics, and so on, it is imperative everyone on the show team knows how to effectively manage the task at hand. You have maybe 24 hours to reach your target audience. Any one moment can deliver the single customer who can make the difference between success and failure.


Harrison will teach you to be a Show Pro. View sample below.


Harrison honed his Boothmanship skills at nearly 600  Trade Shows in cities like: Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, New Orleans, Dallas, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix, Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Denver, and many others, including performing in 14 countries.


Harrison is officially Retired
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